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Bestow Be Cleansed 220gm

Bestow Be Cleansed 220gm

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Bestow Be Cleansed is a fibre-rich blend of super-foods which cleanses the liver and bowel for radiant, healthy skin.

For best results take one tablespoon per day mixed into food, juice or water. Start with one teaspoon and slowly build up to help your system adjust gently.


Bestow Gut Love + and Bestow Be Cleansed are both very effective products.

They contain high amounts of both soluble and insoluble fibre, which promote elimination and also keep our important gut microbes happy and healthy.

But suddenly increasing fibre in our diets can cause a temporary hiccup with our digestive system.

Our gut bacteria produce gas as a by-product of eating fibre. Normally your digestive system copes with this and you don’t notice it. But if you suddenly provide your friendly bugs with lots of extra food (in this case Gut Love + or Be Cleansed), they can get a little overstimulated and have a party!

This can result in excess gas which causes bloating and discomfort. For some people, it may even cause constipation - which is the complete opposite of what we want.

The best way to avoid this is to drink plenty of water and start small when first starting or restarting the product. From here you can very slowly start building up your dose of Bestow Gut Love + or Be Cleansed.

Start with a quarter of a teaspoon. Over a month or so, you can very slowly increase this dosage until you feel it is working well for you. If you notice any discomfort at any point - go back a step. Your gut isn’t ready yet.

Remember, one tablespoon is a guide only, not a target! Many people find just a teaspoon of these products is enough to keep them regular and their gut healthy.

Not sure if what you’re feeling is normal? Email us at and we will be happy to help!

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