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Bestow The Graces Nourishing Oil/Cloth Ritual

Bestow The Graces Nourishing Oil/Cloth Ritual

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The Bestow Soaking Cloth in muslin is perfect for our soaking ritual when and followed with Bestow The Graces Nourishing Oil.

The Bestow Soaking Cloth comes in a natural kraft pouch as shown and includes a 30ml bottle of the Bestow The Graces Nourishing Oil.


Use Bestow The Graces Nourishing Oil every day for nourishment and protection, or two to three times per week as a skin booster. For maximum benefit, soak your skin with warm water using your Bestow Soaking Cloth before massaging one to two drops of Bestow The Graces Nourishing Oil into your skin. 


I have most of my clients on this facial oil. It’s perfect for women whose skin needs a boost - especially if they are prone to dehydration - I add this to their morning and evening routine and what a difference it has made! Their skin looks and feels softer and more hydrated and refined. Most importantly, they can see and feel the difference and now won’t be without it. - Nicola Farmer, Beauty Therapist.

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