Bestow Berry Beautiful 180gm
Bestow Berry Beautiful 180gm
Bestow Berry Beautiful 180gm
Bestow Berry Beautiful 180gm
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Bestow Berry Beautiful 180gm

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This colourful super anti-oxidant powder contains delicious berry and fruit powders to protect skin from the ageing affects of free radicals.

Bestow Berry Beautiful helps us to win the fight against premature ageing caused by free radicals. We come into contact with these unstable compounds every day through radiation from technology, fumes from our cars and even from sun exposure. These little nasties erode health, break down collagen, damage and prematurely age the skin.

Anti-oxidants are the heroes who save the day. These natural compounds neutralise free radicals and interrupt the destructive process of premature ageing. The most potent source of anti-oxidants are brightly coloured fruit and Bestow Berry Beautiful contains an abundant feast of these.


Take one teaspoon per day mixed into food or water.


Bestow Berry Beautiful helps to promote youthful, radiant, resilient skin and a general feeling of health and wellbeing. It’s almost impossible to limit our exposure to technology so it’s important to increase the levels of anti-oxidants in our diet. Bestow Berry Beautiful also contains kelp for thyroid support and chia for fibre, omega 3 and zinc. With all of these super-foods, Bestow Berry Beautiful provides a delicious, nutritious boost for everyday beauty, energy, protection and vitality.


It’s a juggle getting two kids out the door on time every morning. I have been guilty of putting everyone else in my family first and have often missed out on breakfast myself. Berry Beautiful has helped me to change that. - Lisa Van Dyk

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Adrienne H.
New Zealand New Zealand
Berry Beautiful

This is a truly awesome way of taking my antioxidants. It's powder form is more efficient than the capsules I've taken previously used. To add to that, it tastes delicious!

Bestow Beauty Store

It really is so tasty!! My absolute favourite of all of the powders - I add it to everything to give everything that extra hit of delicious antioxidant power! We're so glad you love it! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review!