Do you suffer from acne and breakouts?

Certain foods can block your pores and make acne worse 🧀🍫 Common congesting foods: full-fat dairy products (excluding yoghurt), cheese, chocolate (including vegan and organic), chocolate drink powders, ice cream, commercial mayonnaise, meat fat (especially sausages, mince and chicken nibbles), red meat and pork (excluding lean varieties), chips, fried foods and takeaways, protein bars and powders (including plant-based varieties), coconut oil (for highly congesting skins only), peanuts and cashews (and their butters). Avoid these foods altogether and focus on unprocessed, whole foods instead. Bestow products are sold by qualified beauty therapists trained in the treatment of skin. Some of our therapists have completed a 6-month advanced training course to become qualified Skin Health Coaches. If you suffer from acne and would like help, please contact us and we can let you know who is available in your region.
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